Internet Marketing & SEO Services for Auto Dealers

Since 2006, Cavery Consulting has provided Internet Marketing and SEO services for automobile dealerships.  Our client list and accomplishments are quite impressive.  Use the contact form, or give us a phone call, and we would be happy to meet with you to discuss what we can do for your dealership.

Curious about the relationship between our Auto-Dealer services and the Lifeline (“Obama Phone”) services we offer?  How do phones normally given away in tents along the side of the road relate to Digital Marketing or auto dealers?  Thanks for asking!  For us, the Lifeline program is a way to give back.  We market the phones online and then deliver them in our local area.  All money generated from marketing these phones is then donated to a formerly-homeless single mother.  We see this endeavor as a way to  benefit people in a few different ways:  meeting in person, instead of setting up roadside tents, allows each individual receiving a phone the dignity of avoiding standing along a roadside, in a long line at a tent. And the money that is donated keeps the aforementioned mother and her child adequately sheltered and fed.